Top 18 Ugliest Cars Ever In The World 2018

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Top 18 Ugly Cars Ever –  Ugliest Cars 2018 The automotive industry has been flooded by bunch of beautiful and marvelous auto stuffs. You can list all the best cars in the world which come as fast and exquisite as you can imagine. However, not all the time. Several cars has known and reviewed as the ugliest cars ever which become a weird cars appeared in your garage. Here are the top 10 ugliest cars 2018 made in the automotive industry so far. Read more 10 Best car Brand Logo Populer.

Top 18 Ugliest Cars Ever Made in The World 2018

Pontiac Aztek

The first in our list for top 10 ugliest cars ever is The Pontiac Aztek. Its ugliness is something you can easily witness when you are directly standing in front of it. It is something that cannot miss in the eye. The car’s built is just wrong from the side, back which has been hunched weirdly and combines with a steer-wheel which somehow fails to beautify the look. It is a total failure in beauty anda austhetic.

Aston Martin Lagonda

The Aston Martin usually associated with agent 007 which always comes in stylist and elegant ways. However, it is not apllied for this Lagonda cars. The reason why this Aston martin is in the top 10 ugliest cars ever is because the appearance itself betrays our expectation given the unshapely of Lagonda.

The review for this car has mentioned that fot the expensive car around 60s, the Lagonda is something you should avoid to have even if it was an Aston Martin. The panel, proportion of the car, and shape has been creatively built in a opposite way. Now, if you look at it you will find there is indeed something wrong in this car built. So, it is not a mistake to place this Aston Martin Lagonda into our top 10 ugliest cars ever.

Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla is our next top 10 ugliest cars ever. Why is it? You can sense the unique taste of the designer in this car. Giving the unique environment where the inspiration was found, it is not so surprising in regard of its appearance. It looks like it has been under somekind of mutations to be emerged in this fashion. The bulging under the windshield makes it astonishingly similar as a frog from the forest. Some people may say that this car may have a disease that making it is bumpy and full of air. There is no suprise that this car is included in most ugliest cars ever made.

1990 Pontiac Trans Sport

The Dust Buster or Pontiac Trans Sport is the first General Motor minivan thrown to public. However, this one of top 10 ugliest cars ever unfortunately is just under expectation. This Pontiac minivan has a good received in the planning which does not come smoothly in the assembly process. It turns out to be ugly and undesirable.

From the visual, it has a wreck front which fails to be ignore right a way. Even it is supported by a strong engine for cargoing and transporting, this minivan is able to add bad remark in your garage. The first attempt to produce minivan by GM twisted become a disastrous transport ugly car. And reward the GM in the list of ugly expensive cars ever.

Suzuki X-90

This is not pretty car and it is the Suzuki X-90. One of the top 10 ugliest cars ever if it is compared to the previous generation. The concepts are just ugly. While the designer try to combined two different cultures, which are the japanese efficiency, which you can see at front, and the tailed back wings, as you can see it in the Mustang, which comes wrongly placed on there. It is failure and you have to admit it.

Nissan Cube

This car which is given the name of Cube from the Nissan group proves to be the ugliest, assymetrical car concept. The body built is found in the a weird taste. And when it is brought to the US, it just fails and gains a lot of criticism. You cannot blame the market. Nissan Cube is just one of the top 10 most ugliest cars ever you will find.

It is square and looks so stiff that you cannot bend it down. However, it gives you not enough space either. And how can you bulg it with stuff when you fail to find adequate room in there. It is a city car but does not satisfy your demands. Nissan Cube is folded in market and sucessfully enters the ugliest car in the world ever list.

AMC Gremlin

Its strong built as well as best engine and an easy to drive are to cover the lack of beauty of this AMC Gremlin. And it is in the list of top most ugliest cars ever. The AMC Gremlin is really painfull to see. The Gremlin builds for economic car with two doors and sport taste. And yes, it is fast and in par for your certain taste. However, it is missed sense of beauty. Or you can simply say ungly but strong as a little troll.

The Gremlin is originally design to bring a Ford Mustang look but it happens to a disaster assembly. It looks lack of elegance with two unstylist doors. With a back of unfinished design, the Gremlin appears to be the car of a bad taste and a bad shape through so many disaster. It is fortunate that you can manage to revive the body once again. So it is beyond your help if it is listed into top 10 world’s ugliest cars.

Mercury Zephyr

This 1970 car is one of the nightmare in the US automobile industry. It is swarming the highways for four decades with ugly built. The 1970 is the years where ugly cars monopolize the US street and highways. It is hard to imagine but it is history. The Mercury Zhepyr is blamed to be one of those ugly cars and deserve to take a stand in the top 10 ugliest cars ever list.

Though it appears to be classic in style but it is just too stiff. Some people may love it but mostly will say how the weird may build it back then. This one of top 10 ugliest cars ever comes with minimal space and lack in the panel. You may hardly drive it in safe sense. And the most ugliest part will be the back which try to grow wings on it.

Porsche Panamera

Ford Granada (1975 – 1980)

Ford Fairlane (1957 – 1959)

Hyundai Tiburon (2000 – 2001)

Chevrolet Malibu Maxx (2004 – 2007)

Davis D-2 Divan (1948)

Suzuki x-90

PT Cruiser

Citroën Ami

One more adding to the list of 10 ugliest cars of all time is the Ami from France. Though it come from the fashionable country, The Amy itself is not fashionable enough to be considered pretty car. You can blame it to the reverse-rear window which is not aerodynamic and not aesthetic at all. Moreover, the rectanguler head light look weird in front of the car. You may have a failure to see something as bright as a day in the dead of night.

Lincoln Continental Mark VI

This Lincoln Continental will be the mark of failure for Continental 1960 sucessor. How is it become? The Lincoln proudly enters the list of  top 10 ugliest cars ever by ugly concept of retro car. A tiny window without function at rear, the trunk size, the roofline which try to bring the sedan in, these concepts are wrongly or might be unnecesarily place in the Lincoln.

As you know that the Continental becomes the most beautiful car in the 1960. And Lincoln smashs up the image by its retro weird look. What had happened in the planning? Or maybe something go wrong in the manufacture process. No one knows but the Lincoln has sucessly been marked as one of the top ten ugliest cars ever made so far.

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