Top 10 Most Reliable Cars 2018

Saturday, September 23rd 2017. | Auto, Top Cars

Top 10 Most Reliable Cars 2018  – Choosing a reliable cars is a crucial matter for your life. Everyone wants to have car which is less in maintainence, long live engine and very dependable. You wish to come into the garage less than you are willing to do. That is may be the reason why you have to bind yourself onto a reliable car. Here are top 10 most reliable cars which you may weigh on mind. See 10 Best Upcoming Car 2018.

These top 10 most reliable cars also come with a great spec and more importantly may not exhaust your pocket. Reliable here may mean of fast, strong, powerful or even family oriented. But most people agree to have a long life engine which is able to endure abusive driving for 2 decades or so. No further ado, check these top 10 most reliable cars available for you and check 10 Best Sport Cars 2018.

Top 10 Most Reliable Cars 2018

Lexus RX Mk3

The first top 10 most reliable cars is Lexus RX which released in 2015. This new generation successfully upgrades the predessesor and holds users’ interest since the debut. There are already 2 million unit of Lexus RX Premiun SUV or Crossover. This formidable car is seating on our highest ranking for top 10 most reliable cars. Lexus RX latest version are designed with more interior, space, a great suspension, more on efficiency and undoubtly increased in power.

Lexus IS Mk3

Another Lexus car is joining the list of top 10 most reliable cars. This turns to be Lexus IS Mk3.  The IS series is similarly reliable as her younger generation, the RX. Lexus IS mantains to be a dependable car since its first debut on 2013. Holding the main rival seat for Audi R4 and BMW 3 Series, this IS from Lexus is able to glide smoothly for over 4 years before has been replaced by RX series.

Lexus IS has a very well crafted interrior, very comfortable and its hybrid version will give you an efficient cruise model car on the road. This makes IS series one out of top 10 most reliable cars in 2018. One the best choice you can accept of the offering.

Toyota Cruiser Mk7

This car is an old fashioned fellow in a body of SUV or Crossover. The unbended and rugged character but, alas, it is really safe vehicle. Totota Cruiser Mk7 is built to meet the demand of adventure lover. This well buddy of offroader will satisfy you in every possible sense. Most of the owner will give the same marks for this reliable cars that they said the car would not let you down per se. Accordingly, it sails safely to occupy one out of top 10 most reliable cars you can depend on.

Lexus GS Mk4

This is going to be the third time on the list of top 10 most reliable cars where Lexus cars proved to be the best reliable cars in 2018. This time turns to be Lexus GS Mk4 series. This car maintains to concentrate on the luxury cars which comes with a great deal of interior design.

The Lexus GS offers a high spec of interior equipment and efficient hybrid powertrain model. If you need a luxury cars, Lexus GS is standing shoulder to shoulder to BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E Class. Not a bad choice at all, isn’t it? Lexus is the real best of top 10 most reliable cars so far.

Tesla Model S

Well, the safe journey of Tesla entering this list of top 10 most reliable cars proved that this car is not just a hype. Tesla Model S delivers a great success as reliable car and champs also in other catagories. Tesla which is an electric car company has been around the industry for wuite sometimes and now Tesla is starting to verify their dominant in non-electric car industry.

Subaru Forester

The next car in top 10 most reliable cars brings Subaru Forester in. This SUV has the same model with Alnd Cruiser but in a smaller size. Proven to be the best family car which is dependable, powerful and well equipped by technology. The Subaru means reassurence of high tech cars and quality. It is fast, long life and powerful. What else do you wish in for? Subaru Forester is one of the best on top 10 most reliable cars for family car.

Honda Civic Mk9

Honda will assure you have one of its most reliable car, Honda Civic. This model has been around since 1972 and has been going under more modelling up to now. Honda Civic has an old air surround it but for dependability it is the best. If you are not fed up enough with this brand, then it is not wrong to include Honda Civic to our list of top 10 most reliable cars.

Skoda Citigo Mk1

This is another brand from VW which becomes Best City Car on 2015 Driver Power Survey. Thus, Skoda successfully topples any Asian City Cat to emerge in west market. Skoda Citigo is no doubt on the list of top 10 most reliable cars. Skoda is known by its strong performance.

Lexus NX

This year is going to be a Lexus year for winning the most reliable cars award. For the fouth time, Lexus has entered this list of top 10 most reliable cars. The NX is a sister to RX series but it is a smaller model than the RX. The owner said that there is no big difference between NX and RX. This SUV class has been developed with smooth handling, great styling body, luxurious interior design and all great specs on Lexus in it. No doubt at all, this brand will dominated the herd of our list of top 10 most reliable cars.

Lexus CT

Have not had enough with this brand and once again offered another butt for one of top 10 most reliable cars. This time is Lexus CT which comes in  trims of the RC, The LC Coupes and the LS Limo. This model has not been sold in high volume yet. The CT cleverly pulls out user attention and marks the way that all mainstream models of Lexus are dominated cars market. Lexus CT will not be left out in the list of top 10 most reliable cars in 2018.

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