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Saturday, September 23rd 2017. | Auto, Best Cars

10 Coolest Cars 2018 – There are still two years ahead for us to live in 2018. However, the production and market plans for year 2018 coolest cars has been established earlier by most of motor companies. So, what are the concepts and models brought by? Are there more coolest cars which would have overflowed evenow? Lets us pick at several 10 coolest cars 2018 which may be come in realization read more 10 Classic Cars 2018.

The facts is that all major motor companies will launch their new cars every single new year. Say that Ferrari, Ford, Audi, Dodge, Chevrolet and others has prepared map for production. Several these 10 coolest cars 2018 have been in a prothotype stage. So, there are definetely more coolest cars flooding the Auto Shows in 2018 and look 10 Best Muscle Cars 2018.

10 Coolest Cars 2018 In The World

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Concept

With the shifting focus of new SUV, Alfa Romeo will try to less the utility of Stelvio and put more sporty power in it. We guess that the SUV market is already tough even this yera, Stelvio will need more efford to conquer the SUV car market in 2018. But the concept putting a sporty SUV is more than welcom in our cool cars pictures. No offence, we are love SUV.

2018 Aston Martin DBX Concept

The new Aston Martin in the list of our 10 coolest cars 2018 will still be holding hand with the DBX model. What are more to ask? The DBX is beautiful luxury fast car. Aston Martin DBX is going to be one of 10 coolest cars 2018 among other monsters or beasts. The electric concept with a V8 diesel in DBX makes this supercar one of the best environmental friendly. The CEO of Aston Martin said that it is possible to put this electric DBX into production. Well, lets us wait and see than. The DBX will nontheless be in our list of 10 coolest cars 2018.

2018 Bentley Bentayga Coupe

The Britisth motor company has aimed new class of SUV as Bentayga is introduced to the market in this 2016. A new SUV Coupe Bentayga is concepted with more sporty power. Pumped up by 6.0 Litre W12 Engine, Bentayga is able to produce 650 bhp of power. The acceleration goes from 0-62 just under 4 second. This is one of 10 coolest cars in 2018 in a defined state.

2018 Mini JCW Clubman Concept

New Mini hatch will be produced in a more hatch model with the John Cooper Works version. The news circulate that this Mini will have more power than the previous Cooper S. The engine saloon will be able to pump up to 300 bhp thanked to the JWC line. If you are a Mini lover, this JWC Clubman is absolutly in your list of 10 coolest cars 2018.

2018 Peugeot R Hybrid

The next 10 coolest cars 2018 is R Hybrid from Peugeot. This car once again brings an enviromental friendly car with the news circulating that the R Hybrid puts low emission 70g/km of CO2. Powered by 1.6 litre petrol combined with 2 electric motors, the R Hybrid is able to lurch power of 493 bhp and gives acceleration speed from 0-62 mph under 4 second. A very cool cars in our list of fast cool cars.

2018 Porsche Mission E Concept

This one of 10 coolest cars 2018 from Porsche is still on concept stage. The luxury brand car, Porcshe has confirmed the concept production to at least be brought in 2020. Mission E is an electric super car with powering of 592 bhp. The acceleration speed will able to reach from 0-62 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The concept says that more torque also steering of  four wheel will support the Mission E. Will this be on your list of super cool pictures of cars?

2018 Skoda Yeti

The little SUV Yeti from Skoda is our 10 coolest cars 2018. The all new series of Yeti is new hope for Skoda to conquer the market. However, looking in the competitive market of SUV, this little undertone SUV concept will not say much for Skoda. Skoda comes always with practical little SUV which is not in with everyone taste. Well, lets hope for the best for Skoda market.

2018 Ssang Yong SIV-2

Another electric car arrives from Ssang Yong with SIV-2 car and another electric car in our 10 coolest car 2018. This SIV-2 will be powered up by a Hybrid drivetrain which is 1.6 litre petrol engine combined with small electric motor and batteray from Lithium-ion. The chasis said that is able to be plugged in hybrid and supported a full drivetrain for more smooth steering. Well, do not leave out this one electric car into our list of 10 coolest car 2018.

2018 Subaru Brz Coupe concept

What is more from Subaru? The Impreza is certainly not enough for this brand on the new year. The plan from Subaru is launched one mid engined with electric part of sports car. The two doors car will be in model of sport hybrid car. Using 1.6 litre boxer Engine, this new partly electric car will be supported by a rear wheel system and also pair of electric motors in front wheel steering. New Electric coupe from Subaru is entering our 10 coolest cars 2018 list.

2018 TVR Sport Car

TVR is always being welcome in our list of 10 coolest car 2018. With a new owner and better concept of TVR, the Sport car will be renewed and more spirited from previous generations. The model concept and images from this new sport car say it all. The sleek look, the speed power will be pumped up by Coswoth V8 which enables to jump power of 450 bhp to 500 bhp. One is for sure that a carbon fiber chasis will be attached to support the TVR Sport Car. This TVR Sport Car is one best of cool cars pictures.

These 10 coolest cars 2018 will be availabel on the market on 2018 or the end of 2018. According to the news, several units has been undered production as the pre-ordered has been made. So, which one is your coolest car out of ten above? Well, choose which suit you the most.

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