10 Best Used Cars Under 30K 2018

Friday, September 22nd 2017. | Auto, Best Cars

10 Best Used Cars Under 30K 2018 – If you have tight budget for buying car maybe you can consider to have a pre-owned car which will save your pocket a bit. However, do not judge that the pre-owned car is bad in performance. Here are the list of 10 best used Cars Under 30K for you. May it help you to make a good choice in which of the best one out of 10 best used cars under 30k. See Best Fastest Cars In The World 2018 and 10 Top Luxury Cars Under 30K 2018

10 Best Used Car Under 30K 2018

BMW 5 Series

You can choose this 5 Series as your pre-owned car. One of the 10 best used cars under 30k wisely chosen since there are no even bad things on this best model sedan from BMW. The base model of 2011 5 Series is 528i which comes with 3.0 L Straight-6 Engine, special Engine famous in BMW, which is able to generate 240 horsepower.

The other 5 Series is 535i model which is supported by the same Straight-6 Engine added with Turbocharged which enables it to put out 300 of horsepower. The 528i is with RWD machines, but 535i comes also with AWD x version which makes this model more strong. Both 5 Series are a sporty car but also still maintain their classy and big tricky manuver on the road. You will feel no regret choosing this 5 Series as one out of 10 best used cars under 30k available on the market.

Mercedes-Benz E350

The next wise choice of 10 best used cars under 30k is Mercedes-Benz E Class. The E series is better compared to the C Class since it is more spacious and comfotable. It holds up all family in the car with perfected interior equipments for entertaining to navigating. If you are lucky enough than you shall choose wisely between this E350 or the BMW 5 Series.

The E350 of Mercedes-Benz is available in many models from sedan to convertible. It is armed with 3.6 L V6 Engines which enables to produce 268 of horsepower. This E Class is a sport sedan for you which comes in the 10 best used cars under 30k and well equipped of interior.

Audi A5

This average enjoyable sporty coupe can be added to the list of 10 best used cars under 30k. The Audi A5 is an elegence coupe which comes with beautiful body lines and sport proportion. The base model is engined with 2.0 L Turbocharged with 4 cylinder which makes 211 of horsepower.

The other model comes with 3.6 L V6 Engine which put out 265 of horsepower. This small engines praise you with econimic fuel which are only 22/30 mpg. The AWD in Audi A5 provides you with a smooth driving in rainy and snowy road. Thus it makes the Audi A5 in our list of 10 best used cars under 30k.

BMW 6 Series

This coupe from BMW is the a wise choice for you if your are seeking one of 10 best used cars under 30k. The Chevrolete Convertte which combined with Audi A5 makes this BMW 645Ci the best choice in coupe model for you. This beautiful built is come in the 4.4 L V6 Engine which enables to make 325 of horsepower with a rear wheel system. It is also supported with 6 speed manual transmission which makes this 6 Series one best out of 10 best used cars under 30k you can imagine.

Audi A3

This not so hatch back car is suitable friend for commuting on highways across country. The spacious rear makes it comfortable to stuff your things in. The pre-2010 Audi A3 comes in with 2.0L  Turbo 4 Cylinder Engine which makes up 200 of horsepower. The 3.2L V6 Engine generates 250 of horsepower in Audi A3 Premium.

On 2010, Audi changed the V6 Engine into the briliant TDI A3 which was the best solution for economic wagon and hatch. The A3 has the looks of a sporty and less roll on the body.This is may be the best option for speeding on the highway since the smooth manuver and due to 2.0T Turbo Boost will surely pump your adrenalin for a drive. Thus this Audi A3 is one on the list of 10 best used cars under 30k.

Lexus RX350

This crossover is best choice for you to comuuting around everyday. Armed with 3.5 L V6 Engines that produces 270 of horsepower. RX350 is able to tow 3500 pounds. One of wise choice of 10 best used cars under 30k if your are looking for a helper car. It also comes with front wheel drive which respectable more convenient if you upgrade it into all wheel drive. The fuel of economy of this crossover and SUV is 28/ 25 mpg which is still acceptable. One of the best out of 10 best used cars under 30k you should consider.

Acura MDX

This MDX comes with decently powered up engine which is 3.7 L V6 that is able to produce 300 of horsepower. The all wheel drive system is standard for all the models with the fuel economic is on 16/21 mpg. The horsepower claims the seat for MDX to be an athletic SUV and best competitor for luxury car since it is equipped with many impressive standard. This is one of 10 best used cars under 30k you should be seriously paid attention since it is the best SUV.

GMC Yukon

This large tradisional body built Yukon is suitable for you who has a large family and is on the list of 10 best used cars under 30k. Supported with nine spacious comfotable passanger seats, the Yukon still has plenty room to stuff in. This 4 wheel drive car is able to do a towing jon up to 8200 pound. This Yukon is like a bull family car.

One out of 10 best used cars under 30k, the Yukon family is consist of SLE, SLT and Denali. Both SLE and SLT are come with 5.3 L V8 which produce 320 of horsepower with rear wheel drive system. Yukon Denali has a better Engine with its 6.2 L V8 that makes 403 of horse power.

Mercedes-Benz ML350

This refined version of SUV from BMW come with 3.5 L V6 that put out 268 of horsepower is our next choice on the list of 10 best used cars under 30k. The ML350 comes with 7 speed automatic tranmissions with the fuel econimy is reasonable at 16/20 mpg. Even it is not as powerful as Acura MDX, the ML350 will glide smoothly and consistenly on the road. These reason makes ML350 is one of 10 best used cars under 30k.

Audi Q7

The last on the list of 10 best used cars under 30k is Audi Q7. This luxury tank will make you safe when you are roaming town. Pre 2011 Audi Q7 is supported by 3.2 L V6 280 HP, 3.0T Diesel 225 HP, and 4.2L V8 350 Hp. The Q7 Diesel is unlikely being found under 30K, but other engines are very available under 30K. All Q7 are Awd which are good on rainy and snowy road.

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