10 Top Luxury Car Under 30K 2018

Saturday, August 12th 2017. | Auto, Top Cars

10 Top Luxury Cars Under 30K – If you want to buy a luxury car under $30K then it will not go so far. Unless you want to buy used car. But do not worry, this next list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K may rescue you on choosing the car suitable from you. Even it is used already but it will not exceed 100.000 miles drive. Or if you are lucky enough, the used car of 10 top luxury cars under 30K is only under 50.000 miles. Who knows how is far your luck may go? See 20 Most Expensive CarS 2018 and 10 Best car Brand Logo Populer 2018.

10 Top Luxury Car Under 30K 2018

2018 BMW 3 Series

The first on our list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K is the BMW 3 Series. This luxury sedan and wagon is the champion in its class by combining all the users wanted in a luxury car, such as style, performance and comfort. The 3 Series come in 2 different engines, 328i which is supported by Turbocharged 4 cylinder Engine and able to produce 240 horsepower. The other is 335i which comes with a Turbocharged 6 cylinder Engine and able to generate 300 horsepower.

BMW pays much details on this 3 series which is the reason why this 3 generations of luxury vehicles have strong and powerful built againts many abused. This one of 10 top luxury cars under 30K is the best choice if you need a vehicle which gives you an ir of professionalism and undoubted character.

2018 Audi A4

The next on the list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K is Audy A4. The class is almost similar and only differentiate by personal preference. If you like a little sporty car than you can choose the 3 Series from BMW. But if you are looking for an well balance driving on the road, then your better to choose Audy. Both of these caras are on the list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K.

Audi A4 comes with the support of Turbocharged 4 cylinder Engine. However, its ample power makes the performance a little better than 3 Series about 22/30 mpg. This luxury sedan also can do a little back road adventure due to a little aggresiveness of the steering, suspension and transmission changing. Once again, it depends on your taste on choosing 10 top luxury cars under 30K  between 3 Series or Audi.

2018 Mercedes-Benz C Class

This is a luxury sedan from Marcedes-Benz. This big name and prestigeous air sedan is the best to have one of 10 top luxury cars under 30K. Though the performance of its machines cannot excedd the A4 from Audi, the C Class from Marcedes-Benz still marks its own styles.

The C class which are on the list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K comes in 3 different model. The first is C250 for the base model which has been equipped with Turbocharged Engine with 4 cylinder. This series is a little less powerful than the A4. The second is C300 that comes more powerful with 6 cylinder and 4 matic all wheel drive. This is AWD which you cannot get with 4 cylinder Engine. The third is  C63 AMG which will barely on this list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K because it is too expensive.

2018 Lexus IS250

This next car is absolutely on the list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K. Lexus IS250 is another the best choice for one of 10 top luxury cars under 30K.  If you see the car as an sporty ready to roam one then you are wrong. Lexus IS250 totally gives priority in safety and comfort for the user.

Its Engine is used 2.5 L V6 which can generated 204 horsepower. It is also supported by 6 speed transmission and optional 6 speed automatic. This makes Lexus IS250 the best midsize sedan available on the market so far. With 19/28 mpg of fuel effiency, you will not regret if choosing this one out of 10 top luxury cars under 30K for a drive.

2018 Acura TL

The next on our list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K is Acura TL. Do not judge by its cover which TL really comes bland in interior. Look to the engine which supported the TL from Acura. The base model which is suit to use in everyday commuting is armed with 3.5 L V6 and able to produce 280 horsepower.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more powerful engine for sport use, this TL-SH AWD is more into your like. With the 3.7 L V6 Engine which enables to generates 306 horsepower, this one of 10 top luxury cars under 30K is really not bad looking. Both of these TL are equipped with 6 speed automatic transmissions which you can switch to 6 optional speed manual.

2018 Cadillac CTS

This is from General Motor model which purposes to compete for luxury car with other foreign brands. And Cadillac CTS answers the challenge succesfully. There are three different models for CTS. There are 4 doors sedan, 2 doors coupe and 5 doors wagon. Cadillac differentiate the types of this CTS based on its engine which are 3.0 base, 3.0 performance, 3.0 luxury, 3.6 performnace and 3.6 Premium.

The 3.0 L V6 Engine gan generates 270 horsepower and has 16/26 mpg for its fuel effieciency. While the premium 3.6 L V6 is able to put 306 horsepower with 18/27 mpg of fuel effiency. These CTS from Cadillac are on the list of our 10 top luxury cars under 30K. So it is better to have 3.6 premium for it is the best choice with the same price which is one out of 10 top luxury cars under 30K.

2018 Nissan Infinity G37

This car may the right one for you since it is better equipped than the 355i from BMW. Come with 3.7 V6 Engine which is able to generates 330 horsepower. Though it drink quite a lot with 18/26 mpg, but this RWD car comes with 6 speed manual transmission and 7 excellent speed automatic . This V6 Engine gives enough power to have fun in highways or back road. That make Infinity G37 seated on one of our 10 top luxury cars under 30K list so far.

2018 Chevrolet Corvette

This powerful engine of V8 with rear wheel drive are one of the best choice for 10 top luxury cars under 30K. However, Corvette does not come with a good interior equipment rather than it is purposely designed for speed and strong engine. However, if your are commuting using this Corvette, than this Chevy will be able to put a wide smile onto your face. It is also come in affordable an reasonable price which is one of 10 top luxury cars under 30K.

2018 Volvo XC90

If you have budget ubder 30K than the best choice for you is Volvo XC90 2010 to 2013. The engine comes with 3.2 L V6 and able to produce 240 horsepower while the fuel efficiency is 16/22 mpg. Then nest generation SUV is being perfected by trimming 19” wheels with sport suspension and a little upgrade in style. The base model, however, is a little less appealing and comes with standart front wheel drive.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This realiable cars which a beast on both highways and muddy road are the best option if you are looking for a strong vehicles to help you towing things around. Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with 3.6 L V6 Engine and is able to put out 290 horsepower which will benefit you when your transporting heavy things. The Grand Cherokee is made for off road purpose and makes all the way to our list of 10 top luxury cars under 30K 2018.

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